As you may already know, in June 2021, the information and awareness campaign “Getting organic waste right”, which ran parallel to the introduction of selective organic waste collection across every district of the city, came to an end after four long years of working together with the public.

As a result, unprecedented progress has been made in the separation and management of the city’s waste, which would not have been possible without all the public’s involvement and participation.

Since 2017, a total of 517,656 tonnes of organic waste have been collected, with an impurity rate of 30%. In addition, about 41% of municipal waste is collected and prepared for recycling.

Although these  are excellent results, there are still some aspects we must continue to work on and improve if we want to achieve a cleaner and more sustainable city, in line with European environmental and waste objectives

By the year 2025, 55% of municipal waste should be reused or recycled; in 2030, 60 % and in 2035, 65 %

For this reason, the Madrid City Council has recently launched a new information and awareness campaign about selective collection and cleanliness of the city’s public spaces, in order to continue to insist on reducing, separating and recycling waste, while raising public awareness of other issues related to the cleanliness and order of public spaces that directly affect the harmony and quality of life of the people of Madrid.

Under the slogan “With the R for…”, starting in March, a team of 12 environmental educators will tour the districts of the city to work with you on all these aspects.

As with previous campaigns, this focusses on key sectors of the population: residents, shopkeepers, the educational community, municipal personnel and associations. In addition, it will post regular publications in the City Council’s media, a new web site (conerrede.es) and a new Instagram profile (@conrde_madrid), which we recommend you start following to keep up to date with all the latest news and activities we’ll be carrying out.


We look forward to seeing you!