Paloma Albo is the winner of our 6th Twitter draw organised as part of our information campaign “Acierta con la orgánica” and which took place in mid-June.


Yesterday afternoon, the Councillor for the Environment and Mobility of Madrid City Council, Borja Carabante, gave to her the electric bicycle that we raffled among the Twitter followers who participated in the draw (there’re more than 350 users).


Paloma is a resident of Hortaleza district and she assured us that she was very excited to have won the draw, and she will use this bike for her commute to work. In fact, she was thinking of buying an electric scooter, so winning the draw was a great opportunity for her!


How did she find out about our draw? Thanks to the social networks of the Madrid City Council. She told us that she saw a tweet in one of the District Councils that she follows on Twitter, and she was encouraged to retweet our content to participate. What luck!


Like our previous winner, Paloma is a “recycling” citizen. She separates all fractions – including organic, of course – and explains that in her house they are “very committed to sustainability and everything related to the environment”. He found out about the “Get it right with organic” campaign through the letter we sent to many households to inform them about the installation of the new container for separating organic waste. Moreover, she recognises that the information leaflet and the magnet included in the letter have been very useful for them to separate the organic fraction properly.


Paloma gone to home by her new e-bicycle and also with a 10-litre bin to separate organic waste at home.