Cookies policy

Updated 27 September 2017

Information on the Cookie Policy is shown at the bottom of each page of the website and is available to the User at any time while browsing. The User may:

.     Consent to and accept the installation of cookies, in which case the notice will cease to be visible during the session.

.     Modify their browser’s configuration to restrict, block or remove the cookies at any time, although non-acceptance of the installation of cookies may prevent or hinder the functionalities of the service.

.     Continue browsing or click on any section of the portal, in which case we shall consider that the User accepts the use of same.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a file that is downloaded to your computer when you access certain webpages. Cookies enable a Webpage to store and recover information about a user’s browsing habits or those of the device used and, depending on the information they contain and how you use your device, they may be used to recognise the user.

What types of cookies does this webpage use?

  • Analysis cookies: These enable us to quantify the number of users to measure and conduct a statistical analysis of how they use the service. To do this, the browsing of our website is analysed so as to enhance the services it offers.

These are third party cookies that are sent to the user’s terminal from a computer or domain managed by the entity that analyses the data. And this type of cookies is persistent, so the data continues to be stored on the terminal and can be accessed and processed for the period defined by the cookie owner. This period can range from a few minutes to several years.

The description of the cookies used on this webpage is as follows:

Cookies Name Type Purpose Further information









Google Analytics Third party.


To collect information on how users browse the website to ascertain the origin of the visits and other similar statistical data, so as to learn more about your habits to improve or modify the web services. They do not collect data on the name or surname(s) of users nor the precise postal address of the connection.


It distinguishes between users



Google Analytics Centro de Privacidad de Google:



You can allow, block or remove the cookies installed on your system by configuring the browser options of your computer.






Other browsers

Check the documentation on the browser you have installed.

You can also manage the cookie folder of your browser by using tools such as Your online

If you wish to reject the analysis cookies of Google Analytics across all browsers so that none of your information is sent to Google Analytics, you can use this link to download an add-on that performs this function:”