As you already know, in January and February we attended municipal meetings and markets in the districts that form part of the awareness campaign “Getting organic waste right” in 2020. The information booths we set up in municipal facilities have provided the public with a separation kit and information on how to sort organic waste.


We started to distribute the kits at these information booths in January at the municipal meetings of the district, the City Council’s points of reference for the citizens of Madrid – in the morning. In February, these booths were set up in the municipal markets of Moratalaz, Chamartín, San Isidro in Carabanchel, Jesús del Gran Poder in Usera, Ibiza in Retiro, Diego de León in Salamanca and Alameda de Osuna in Barajas, opening during the afternoons and at weekends. This was to make sure that anyone working or studying during the morning could receive the information and the kit.


The success of this activity and its reception by the markets and the public was spectacular. Those people interested have approached our booths to find answers to all types of questions about separating not only organic waste but also all the waste materials produced in the home. The kit, which contains a great deal of information on how to correctly separate waste, received a warm welcome from the residents in these districts. Over these two months we have offered information on sorting organic waste and answered questions from over 9,400 people and also given away over 9,000 kits.


For March, the “Getting organic waste right” campaign had planned to continue with its booths in the municipal markets of Carabanchel, Usera, Chamartín and Salamanca, but due to the health restrictions imposed as a result of COVID-19, we have temporarily cancelled both this activity and the activities in schools, together with the face-to-face information meetings we had scheduled, but we hope to resume them as soon as possible. If you live in the districts we have already visited or in any other where organic waste is not being selectively collected and have not been able to visit us for this information, please remember that you can find all the information on separating organic waste on this website.


Also, due to the health emergency caused by COVID-19, the awareness and communication activities of the “Getting organic waste right” campaign have been modified and put online to provide you with up-to-date information and even some fun… for you and your children. Visit our Downloadable Educational Materials section intended for all ages and find out about the activities we have planned on the website.


We invite you to follow our profiles on Twitter (@AciertaOrganica), Instagram (aciertaconlaorganica), YouTube, and the WebEx platform, where we regularly offer information about the campaign activities and you can follow them live online. Or, if you prefer, send in your questions directly to organica@madrid.es and we’ll reply them as soon as possible.


And now, more than ever, our usual reminder to think global and act local, and responsibly… Get it right by separating out your organic waste, staying at home and going online!


When I recycle, I’m right.

And when I cooperate, too.