As we did last year as part of the information and awareness campaign to explain organic waste separation, Madrid City Council is offering the city’s residents several days to visit Valdemingómez Technology Park. This Park is not just a landfill site as many people believe, but rather a technology complex with several processing plants – the landfill site among them – where the city’s waste is received and the different types of waste are selected or passed on to recyclers for transformation into new raw materials or recycled there and transformed into energy and compost. Only the non-recyclable part is taken to a landfill site which is one of the facilities of the Technology Park.


This will enable all those of you who are interested in discovering what happens to their rubbish bags after leaving them in the bin a morning to visit the different facilities that make up the Technology Park.


Over 600 people have visited the Valdemingómez Technology Park last year on one of the 24 free excursions we arranged to familiarise the residents of the city with waste management.


If you’d like to join us on one of the visits we have arranged for the months of February and March, you’ll need to register first at the following link: registration. Requests for the places available will be reserved in order of arrival. We’d like to remind you that for this type of visit you must be over 12 years of age and be suitably mobile as the tour is long and requires getting on and off the bus several times.


These visits (only during the morning), include bus travel to Valdemingómez Technology Park and the internal trips between plants. The visit lasts approximately 3 hours and the following facilities can be visited: Visitors Centre, La Paloma or Las Dehesas processing plant and the biomethanisation plant.


Tuesday 25 February Pº del Prado, corner of Montalbán Completed
Wednesday 4 March Pº de la Chopera, 10 09:30 – 14:30
Thursday 5 March Pº Moret, corner of Martín de los Heros 09:30 – 14:30
Tuesday 10 March Pº del Prado, corner of Montalbán 09:30 – 14:30
Wednesday 11 March Pº de la Chopera, 10 09:30 – 14:30


In conclusion, we’d like to encourage all of you who are available to accompany us on this excursion as you’ll find it interesting and it will answer many of the questions, we all have about the complex world of waste management.


We hope you’ll find this activity interesting. However, if you can’t join us, you can request information here about the visits to the technology complex and visit it yourselves on another occasion.