Last July, to mark the conclusion of this information and awareness campaign and also the imminent organic waste collection being extended to a further 8 districts of the city, we held our first competition.


215 persons took part and, just by following our profile and retweeting that particular tweet about the competition, were given the chance to win one of the two sustainable prizes we raffled on 23 July.


Finally, the lucky winners were Álvaro Rol Rúa (@ARocanrol), winner of the first prize – a foldable bike – and Iván Gaitán Muñoz (@Ivanovef), winner of the second, a grow table. Both came to collect their prizes on 6 August.


Although the draw was open to everyone, chance had it that both the winners lived in areas where organic waste collection is already in operation, Latina and Arganzuela. Coinciding with the prize-giving, they were also awarded an information package and kit, so there’s no excuse when it comes to separating organic waste!


This meant Álvaro could return to work on his bike (although, not having the right tools, we were unable to adjust the seat to this height!)and Iván left wondering whether to plant cherry tomatoes, lettuce or radishes on the grow table he’ll be setting up on his small terrace.


So we are now saying goodbye to our information and awareness campaign of 2018-2019 and are keen to return for the next, with new challenges, hopes and…competitions ahead!