Summer has arrived and the “Getting organic waste right” campaign will also be taking a holiday soon. After all…. We’ve already distributed all the organic kits we had for this campaign!


That’s why, before we go, we want to say goodbye in style. And, it occurred to us, what could be better than a gift? Yes, a gift! Sustainable, of course… so you can continue to get things right.


You’ll be wondering what we have in mind …


Well, no more and no less than a foldable bike! So you can travel around the city without generating smoke while promoting a healthy lifestyle.


But that’s not all. Apart from keeping you in shape, we want you to take care of what you eat. How? By growing your own vegetables! No, we don’t want to lead you down the garden path this time. We want it to be so close you won’t have to leave the house. That’s why, in addition to a bike, we want to give you a grow table so you can enjoy a delicious salad of tomato, onion and lettuce on our behalf!


We’re sure you’re wondering that you have to do to win one of the two prizes we’re giving away …


No, we’re not asking you to take out the organic waste bags of your entire building, or distribute organic waste leaflets at the exit of the Metro (we already do that with our information booths), or to take a video imitating the biomethanisation process to turn organic waste into biogas…


It’s much simpler than all that!


Just take part in our Twitter competition. Follow us and find out when the competition starts.

Stay attentive… Read the rules here. You have until 22nd of july!

Did we get that right?