Summer is the time of the year when we spend the most time outside, enjoying the beach, swimming pools, rivers, parks or the mountains. But we must not forget everything we have learned during the year and we must continue to take care of our environment.


To help you do this, we are giving you a series of tips on how to have a fun and sustainable family summer:


  • For short trips, try walking or cycling; you will not only reduce emissions of gases into the atmosphere, but also get exercise and maintain a healthier lifestyle. If you are going on long trips, you can choose to share the car or use public transport.
  • These months we are going to be using a lot of sunscreen creams and other cosmetic products, so try to choose sustainable and environmentally friendly cosmetic products.
  • When visiting natural surroundings, beaches, rivers, reservoirs, etc., do not forget to pick up all the waste you produce, so that the only footprint you leave is that of your feet in the sand.
  • Wherever you go, be sure to separate your waste. Pay attention to what the recycling bins look like, as they may be colour-coded differently to where you are from.
  • Remember to turn off the tap whenever you are not using water. You can also reuse the water you use to water your plants.
  • Take care of your pets by not taking them out during the central hours of the day and not leaving them exposed to any continuous heat sources.
  • Take advantage of and enjoy all the daylight hours by avoiding lamps and close the blinds to prevent too much heat from entering the house.
  • When snacking, eating lunch or dinner out, switch from aluminium foil or cling film to reusable wraps or sandwich and lunch boxes to carry your food in. Avoid buying disposable beverage containers and instead use reusable bottles or canteens.
  • If you smoke, remember to always carry a container with you so as not to leave any cigarette ends on the ground.
  • When choosing where to sleep, choose the most environmentally friendly establishments.

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Remember that having a happy, environmentally friendly and more sustainable summer… is easy if we all do it!