Once again, this year the awareness campaign “Getting organic waste right” continues to work on and raise the awareness of schoolchildren in the 12 districts in connection with organic waste collection. These activities are key to bringing about a social transformation toward sustainability and the involvement of schools in our program is essential for the city as a whole.


Since last December, our educators have been carrying out activities for preschoolers, primary and secondary schoolchildren which are designed to convey environmental values and involve the education community and their families in separating organic waste at source. 37,000 students have already taken part in the schoolroom activities we have organized during the school year so far!


Below is a description of what these activities consist of. If you’re a teacher, we encourage you to see which best suits your needs and those of your students and to … take part!


These activities are free and divided into three major sections:


  • CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES. Designed to increase their knowledge and put into practice in a fun way the separation of organic waste at school and at home. Aimed at preschools, primary and secondary schools. This activity lasts 50-60 minutes.


  • COMPOSTING AT SCHOOL. Chiefly designed for the teaching and non-teaching staff at schools with a kitchen garden. We show them how a composter works and how organic waste is turned into fertilizer, which can then be used in the school garden. A free composter is also provided. This activity lasts 90 minutes.


  • EDUCATIONAL SHOW. This is a show held in the school dining-room where the children learn with fun songs, gestures and rhymes what waste goes into the brown lidded bin and how important it is not to waste food. These shows have a duration of 20 minutes.


If you need further information, you can check out our website or download the different educational guides from this link.


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