For the third consecutive year, on 28 September the UAM Sustainability Department held the Sustainable Food Fair and Agroecological Campus, under the title “From garden to basket and from compost to soil” in the Plaza Mayor of the Cantoblanco Campus. It was attended by numerous organisations such as; Justicia Alimentaria (information and organisation of workshops on food), La Garbancita Ecológica (cooperative for responsible agro-ecological consumption), the Food Wave project of Madrid City Council and many others in the field of sustainable food.


Naturally, we at the “With ‘R’ for” campaign set up our information booth to raise awareness about the importance of separating waste in the home, and the advantages of, and the need to, adopt a healthy and sustainable diet.


Once again, our booth was one of the highlights, attracting the most interest; we attended to over 400 people, who received their organic waste separation kit and information about the campaign.


To achieve real change in how we produce and consume food, we must start by raising awareness among the youngest members of society, and by setting an example with healthy and sustainable foods in nursery schools and institutes. We were struck by the “La Garbancita Ecológica” project for putting responsible nutrition into practice in schools. The goals of this project are: to encourage good eating and healthy habits among children, to progressively introduce organic food into school canteen menus and promote the consumption of seasonal fruit and vegetables, as well as achieving the active involvement of the entire educational community.


One of the most successful workshops held during the session was the composting workshop, held at the community composting hub of the UAM, together with educators from the Dehesa de la Villa Environmental Information and Education Centre. There, they obtained the first batch of compost from the UAM, and from now on, will continue their work to bring this community composting project to life.


If you want to find out about all the events in which we have taken part and those that are still in the pipeline, you can follow us on our social networks, @AciertaOrganica on Twitter and @conrde_madrid on Instagram. Also, check out the web map of the campaign to see the new locations.

Eating sustainably and staying informed is easy between all of us!