Separating, collecting and processing organic waste is now a reality in 20 of the 21 districts in the city, except Centro. As of 1 September 2020, this district will join the others in collecting organic waste and with this Madrid City Council will complete the introduction of brown-lidded bins in the capital, a process that started three years ago in 17 leading areas in the city. Until last May 223,565 tons of organic waste have been collected, making Madrid a cleaner, more sustainable city, in line with EU legislation with regards to waste management and environmental protection.


Over the coming months the Environmental and Mobility Department of the city Council will start a new phase of preparing and planning for the implementation of selective organic waste collection in the Centro district, with the following stages:


  • As of 15 June, and over the following weeks, all residents’ associations, establishments and businesses in Centro will receive new grey bins with a brown lid for separating organic waste. They will be sealed to prevent use until collection starts (1 September 2020) and will come with an information sticker on the lid to remind users and to thank them for not using them before that date.


  • In addition, information posters will be put up at the entrances of residential blocks to reinforce the message given on the bins.


  • Campaign educators will call businesses that produce organic waste to let them know when the bins will be delivered to their premises and inform them about the organic waste bins and separation.


  • At the end of August, just before the collection service starts, each home will receive a letter with an information leaflet and a fridge magnet, explaining to residents the reasons for this new sorting method and what waste to dispose of (mainly leftover food, paper napkins, kitchen paper and cardboard stained with food remains or food grease and small garden trimmings).


Once the new collection service is under way, a new information and awareness campaign will be launched alongside the current one to disseminate more information among residents, shopkeepers, allies and the teaching community of the Centro district. They are all being contacted during these prior weeks, by phone and email, to inform them about the introduction of the services and the new actions to be taken after it launches, as a way of underlining the importance of their collaboration in giving a new lease of life to organic waste by turning it into biogas and natural fertilizer (among other benefits).


For further information or to answer any doubts, please contact us by calling 010, email us at or visit our websites: or


By collaborating with the separation and collection of organic waste, we are taking yet another step towards sustainability and improving the environmental quality of the city we live in so we can continue to enjoy it.


Get organic waste right!


Because collaborating is right!